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His Angel's Advocate Program

What is it?

Advocating for change through training women with lived experience

We believe the most effective way to advocate for systems change is to ensure the voices and lived experiences of HSA residents and participants are at the forefront of our work.

With this in mind, we launched an Advocates Program. The training program empowers graduates of HSA's drug treatment program to become successful advocates for themselves and for other women living with addiction. His Angels members participate in press interviews, public policy meetings, lobby visits with legislators, fundraising events, and press conferences.

Participants will...
  • Learn skills and tools to prepare them for community leadership

  • Plan and organize events for women in recovery

  • Network with other advocates, board members, and professionals throughout the health and recovery fields

  • Contribute in the brainstorming and manifestation of community outreach events

Thank you for wanting to take part in HSA's initiative to reinforce and grow the recovery of the community.

Thanks for submitting!

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