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His Sheltering Arms, Inc. (HSA) are committed to providing the best quality drug treatment and behavioral healthcare services to the South Los Angeles community.  In this effort, we host interns and practicum students of various disciplines from several SoCal based universities and colleges.  We encourage future healthcare professionals to get firsthand experience with the people and families of underserved communities.

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Meet Our Former Interns

Jo Huang


Hello! My name is Jo Huang and I am a recent Bachelor of Science graduate from UCLA. I have always been interested in substance abuse treatment, and my college major in neuroscience and my minor in civic engagement have allowed me to explore both the scientific and social aspects of substance abuse. I completed the capstone research project of my minor in His Sheltering Arms, investigating the racial dynamics among clients in the day-to-day social environments here. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to talk to 9 clients about their life histories and their experiences with the social environments here. In the context of an open and facilitative environment in HSA, clients revealed to me how sharing a mutual goal of recovery could break down some of the racial barriers common outside the walls of the recovery home -- on the streets, in criminal justice systems, and in outside social environments. I realized first-hand how prejudices sometimes are imposed on people by an unjust system, and it can be diminished when people focus on finding common grounds and on supporting each other in mutual goals. During the 3 visits in which I completed the interviews, the clients I interviewed were genuinely open to conversations with me and made me feel welcomed to their lives. I was also able to gain a sneak peak into the daily lives of a residential facility - both group sessions and recess. This holistic experience furthered my interest in substance abuse treatment and in using research to serve local communities. As a natural science major, this was the first time I dipped my toes in social science research. I was a little nervous progressing through each stage of the project as well as when I first reached out to Dr. Beavers about my research idea with a cold call. I am gratefully that Dr. Beavers was eager to discuss and hone my ideas from the very beginning and selflessly lend me support throughout the process, along with all of the HSA stuff I’ve since gotten to know. Naturally, I was worried that because my upbringing is likely to be different from those of the clients in many aspects, they would not feel completely comfortable to be open with me at first. However, Dr. Beavers relieved my worries when I met him in person for the first time. He said: “ when you reach out to this community, you are automatically accepted”  This experience has not only made me a better researcher, but has shown me the strength, open-mindedness, and love in this community.

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Ke'Era Macon

Charles R. Drew University

Hi there! My name is Ke’Era Macon. As a Physician Assistant student at Charles R. Drew University, I completed my clinical rotation in behavioral medicine at His Sheltering Arms (HAS). I have always had a desire to work with underserved populations, so I was very excited to have the opportunity to intern at HSA and work alongside individuals that had similar missions to my own. My time at HSA has taught me so much, not just about mental health and substance abuse but also about myself. The women of the program have allowed me the opportunity to become part of their journey to sobriety and have gifted me with knowledge and insight that I would not have obtained anywhere else. The staff has openly welcomed me into the family, imparting onto me knowledge and skill sets that I will be fortunate to have as I continue my journey towards becoming a physician assistant.

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Stephanie Beltran

Charles R. Drew University

Hello! My Name is Stephanie Beltran. I am a PA-Student at Charles Drew University, and I did my clinical rotation in behavioral medicine at His Sheltering Arms (HAS). I was extremely excited for this rotation because I knew HSA is committed to restoring the lives of many women and this was my opportunity to do just that; help transform the lives of these women. Working with the staff at HSA, I have seen first-hand their commitment to helping an underserved population. Their commitment has inspired me to start a fitness program for the women at HSA. Shortly after starting the program, I started seeing improvements in their mood. Exercise has been shown to be incredibly helpful in recovery, aiding in relapse prevention and promoting long lasting health and wellness. My goal is to help these women in their lifelong journey of sobriety and help them improve and maintain excellent mental and physical health.

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